Large-scale Walk-in Virtual
Simulation Imaging Device
Disruptive Innovation on Reality and
Virtuality, Non-wearable Immersive
Interactive Experience
The 2023 n'Space P371 has strengthen performance greatly, delivering stunning
audio and visual experience seamlessly. The ultra-high framerate imaging blending
system, developed over the course of the twelve months, restores an endless virtual
world. The brand-new AI algorithm enables free interaction between human poses and
the virtual scene.
Six Core Technologies
Image Computing
Computing Power
Attests to Strength
Ultra high-speed image processing
module, 60 frames of 8.5K image
computing, and a low latency of
15 milliseconds at system level.
Perception of Movement Tracking
and Spatial Orientation
Interaction Without Constraints
Arrayed multimodal sensor and spatial pose recognition technology, accurately
capturing each moment of action without peripheral devices for smooth interaction.
Pose Recognition and
Omni-directional Interactive System
Pushing Technology Limit
●   Constructing Human Skeletons from a Bird's-Eye View
●   Spatial Human Pose Recognition with Omni-directional System
●   Providing Fundamental Development Toolkit for Non-wearable Interaction
Open Ecosystem
For All 3D Content Developers
Compatible with general 3D software for real-time editing
More developer friendly, enhance compatibility with more 3D Resources
Optical Matrix
22-channel FHD Optical Imaging
Hardware Matrix
Central Control System
Smarter Hardware Hub
Advanced Imaging Output
New color filter technology has been added to adjust
the details of each frame in real-time, resulting a better
color output performance from the optical matrix.
New Generation Human Pose
Recognition Interactive System
Accurately capturing the spatial positioning information (location and human skeleton)
of the participant in n’Space, and interact with the virtual scene based on body
position and gestures.
Diversification - Optimize for
Various Application Usage
Hardware Accessories System Input
Microphone Pad IOT System Voice
AI System
360°Camera VR Computer Data Center Surveillance