Archifiction’s services bring smart solutions and competitive pricing into our service territory. We offer network services and co-location space in and around our coverage area in USA #213 813 Alpine St., LA, CA, 90012 Archifiction provides an all-in-one housing solution where buyers can compare, choose, and customize the interior decoration of houses or apartments of their choice. The combination of top-end real time render engine and real-space navigation system brings vividly alive the yet-to-be-built houses/apartments, where one can walk around in it just like walking in a real house. Buyers can customize their houses in one key and then choose the household products they like.

Virtual and Reality

Our company has the technical personnel after professional assessment, with rich maintenance experience. In addition, we have close cooperation with many domestic component suppliers to ensure the maintenance quality and reduce maintenance costs further. To provide better customer service, our company is preparing to establish more service points. Service Support 1、Telephone support: in the form of telephone or fax, we arrange professional technicians to locate the equipment failure in specified time, and come up with a solution, finally troubleshooting. 2、Support on the spot: if the failure can not be diagnosed by telephone, we arrange the engineer to the spot to analyze the cause, formulate the plan and troubleshoot the fault. Service Commitment: 1、Respond and follow up within 1 hour after receiving the customer’s complaints. 2、Technical staff provide on-site service in 48 hours if site testing is required. 3、Operate strictly according to the maintenance and operating procedures in the operation to ensure the maintenance quality. 4、Stop using fake or inferior accessories by strict quality control in the selection of accessories.