Unlock Infinite Possibilities in Definite Space

ArchiFiction Inc is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, also with an office in China, devoted in creating a new digital 3D spacial platform that would change our conception of space by unlocking infinite possibilities in define space. With our n’Space device, the virtual world is implemented to the physical space, enabling users to visualize it at a fully immersive room-scale environment without any wearing device. In 2019, n’Space is launched to the market, servicing business clients of different industries to enhance their business/product values to their customers.


Aug 2020:Gear-free mixed reality based studio for livestream e-commerce.
June 2019:Official market launch of company’s 1st hardware product – n’Space P371.
Apr 2019:ArchiFiction Inc. was relocated to Silicon Valley.
Feb 2019:Obtained Pre-A investment of millions of USD.
Sept 2018:Completion of R&D on the second generation of the experimental model.
July 2018:Obtained Angel Round investment of nearly tens of millions of CNY.
Sept 2017:Completion of the experimental model of our product.
Jan 2017:Hangzhou Yiyuqianxiang Technology Co., Ltd was founded in China.
July 2016:ArchiFiction Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, USA.