Unlock Infinite Possibilities in Definite Space

Archifiction was founded in 2016 California, US, with dual headquarters in Silicon Valley, the United State, and Hangzhou, China. It is a product platform company with independent intellectual property rights and is committed to achieve naked-eye mixed reality interaction without any wearable device. The company has completed three rounds of equity financing, and its core technology and hardware products thrive MR market both domestically and internationally.
n'Space, the naked-eye 3D interactive space device system developed by the company, is driven by AI on integrated elements including running hardware, algorithms and application. While delivering stunning immersive room-scale mixed reality experiences, it also offers various interactive options, such as motion recognition, posture recognition, voice interaction, and peripheral control. The spatial product platform empowers digital transcendency, servicing business clients of different industries to enhance their business/product values to their customers.


Apr 2023: Official market launch of new model n’Space product
Mar 2022: n’Space for Education Industry
Dec 2021: Awarded as a National High-tech Innovation Enterprise
Aug 2021: Complete A1 round of financing from Boton Technology Co.Ltd.(SZSE 300031)
May 2021: n’Space for Industrial Industry to promote Digital Industry 4.0
Aug 2020: n’Space for e-commerce livestreaming, O+O brand retail
June 2019: Official market launch of n’Space product
Apr 2019: ArchiFiction Inc. was relocated to Silicon Valley.
Feb 2019: Complete Pre-A round of financing with millions of USD
Sept 2018: Development of 2nd generation R&D prototype
July 2018: Complete Angel round of financing with a scale of nearly ten million CNY
Sept 2017: Development of 1st generation feasibility prototype
Jan 2017: Hangzhou Yiyuqianxiang Technology Co., Ltd founded in China
July 2016: Archifiction Inc. founded in Los Angeles, US